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Android simulation games

if it can be simulated and it exists as an android game, you will be able to find it back here under this android games category!

RC Helicopter Simulation
Simulate flying in one of those tiny RC helicopters on your android without the risk of crashing a real RC helicpoter! practice first with this Android RC Helicopter simulator before buying a real RC heli!
Arsenal Fantasy Manager
Play the virtual manager of FC Barcelona in this Fantasy manager 2013 for android. Buy your players and build out your franchise to earn some much needed hard cash to buy these few players which are needed to win the championship! This time you are the manager of football club Arsenal!
Grand Prix Story Lite
in this android simulation game you are the boss of a popular Grand Prix racing team. Can you manage it to become champion of the world? Buy new car parts, upgrade your drives and rent a top driver for your team. Make it to the winners circle in this Grand Prix game for android
my pet
My Pet is a tamagotchi style pet game for android
Top Models
in this top model simulation game for android you will become a real fashionata. Dress up, use make up and accessories to make it as a top model. Earn big bucks and unlock new items for new levels. A Top model simulation game for android!
Supermarket Mania
Supermarket Mania is a time management game for android, can you manage your store so it never runs out of supplies? This grocery store simulation and management game is played by millions accross different platforms
Retro Game Boy and Advance
Convert your android into a Game Boy and gameboy advance with this retro emulator. Play gb / gbc / gba / zip (gb/gbc) files directly from your SD-card
RC Helicopter Extreme Free
in this realistic RC Helicopter simulation for android you can control 4 different RC helicopters in 3 different open levels. No worries to blow some hard earned cash when you crash your RC helicopter into some rubbish anymore with this virtual RC Helicopter for android

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