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Android simulation games

if it can be simulated and it exists as an android game, you will be able to find it back here under this android games category!

Design My Home
decorate and design your personal dream home with this free designer game. Design My Home for android. With almost 600 different items which can be customized you can go as far as you want. Notice that this game is still receiving new updates weekly!
Papaya Fish
Papaya Fish is a fish tank simulator where you start with a small baby fish which you need to let grow-up. You can even chat and compare your fish tank with other android Papaya fish players. This android fish tank game contains not less than 150 different fish!
Fish Live
Raise, feed and breed your own fish in this cute little fish tank with Fish Live for android
Dream Heights
in the Dream Heights for android game you can build your own skyscraper and simulate the social life in it. Make people forget the Statue of Liberty, become the nr 1 most visited building in the world! Customize your skyscraper with restaurants, appartments and retail stores. Become a skyscraper owner and billionaire
Candy Maker & Ice Cream Maker
create the best icecreams using your android smartphone or tablet with this little game
Virtual Pet
Take care of your widget cat on your androids background
Bird Land 2
not less than 20 million pets are living in Bird Land 2, the happiest country for birds ever made! Create the best birdhouses and make your virtual pet birds happy! Bird land 2.0 for android is a virtual bird pet game
Happy Fish
make sure your fish live the happiest under water life possible. Make the decisions what fish to breed and sell them afterwards to buy more extravagant fish tank items. This game can even be fun to just sit back, relax and watch your fish swim around your fish tank!

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