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Android shooting games

in these android games you need to shoot your way through your opponents in order to survive. Each android game in this category is freeware!

3D Hunting Alaskan Hunt Plus!
hunt down some of the Alaskan wild animals in this 3D hunting game for android. Unlock new weapons, trace blood marks of your prey on your map and hunt at any time of the day, from dusk till dawn!
Army Sniper
in this android sniper game you are an elite sniper soldier in the war against terrorism. Enter the battlegrounds and take out your enemies from miles away in the Army sniper game for android
Skeet Shoot Practice
practice skeet shooting without wasting real ammo in this android shooting game
3D Hunting: Zombies
Test your shooting skills in this 3D zombie slayer game for android. Work your way through the 9 differeent missions and beat the large hordes of zombies! Make the zombie brains splatter accross your screen!
make it alive through these levels by shooting enemies unnoticed over a long distance or by using melee weapons at short range. In this android game you are Jack Griffin, one of the best contract killers in the world!
Bunny Shooter Christmas
in this android shooting game you use a bow to try and shoot down the pink rabbits in each level. You even have an arsenal of special arrows available such as the bomb arrow and ball arrow. Can you stop the rabbits from stealing your christmas presents?

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