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Android shooting games

in these android games you need to shoot your way through your opponents in order to survive. Each android game in this category is freeware!

Archery Bow Man
a simple and small archery shooting game for android, the controls are easy, just tap the screen and draw your finger back to build up tension, release your finger to release the arrow. Can you let your Archery man shoot one of the ducks out of the sky?
Asteroid Race
control your space aircraft through the rain of Asteroids, shoot the asteroids out of your way and make it to the end of the level!
perform a realtime outlaw shootout featuring other players worldwide in this wild west outlaw shooter for android
Bunny Shooter Best Free Game
This bunny shooter christmas edition for android includes 30 new free Bunny Shooter levels! Take out your bow and hunt down those annoying pink rabbits! use bomb arrows, special ball arrows in 3 different rabbit shooter games for android
Zombie Hunter! Free
use an endless range of weapons to survive the zombie outbreak. Kill various enemies to get wild power ups and try to make it to the worldwide zombie hunter score list! An ideal android game for halloween!
HitStick Hitman Assasin
a great 3D shooter game for android. Play assassin on various locations and choose between different difficulties.
Gun and blood
in this android shooting game your mission is simple: kill all enemy terrorists. Use one of the realistic weapons such as the simple desert eagle or powerful AK-47 and one of the many weapon upgrades to erase the thread. Work your way through 80 different levels.... a cool shooter for android for sure!
Tank Hero
choose your tank, weapon and hit the arena. Can you destroy all other tanks before they can destroy you? Use heat seekers, howitzers and cannons in this arena without mercie! Become the tank hero in this android tank fight game

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