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Android shooting games

in these android games you need to shoot your way through your opponents in order to survive. Each android game in this category is freeware!

Obama VS Romney
shoot yourself into the whitehouse, play as Obama or Romney in this agressive election game for Android
Rush Galaxy
Catapult yourself into the universe at warp speeds in this Free space shooter for android. Rush Galaxy will bring you to the edge of the universe in your fierce battle against the enemies of the universe. Make sure you avoid the meteorites when flying at warp speeds!
Ultimate Mission
defeat the invading alients by using crazy powerful weapons such as a laser gun or Neutron Bomb. A great shooting game for both android handhelds as tablets
Tanks Online (ARM6)
in tanks online you will go to an online epic tank battle, choose your ammo and advance in your military carreer. One hell of a fine tank shooter game for android
Sperm Slayer
in this original sperm slayer android game you must prevent the world from becoming overpopulated by slaying as much sperms as possible. Whatever you do, prevent the pregnancy in this original free android game !
Zombie City2 (Boss)
As the lonely survivor in a deserted city full of zombies, you will need to work your way out using the deadliest weapons. This time, the game also includes a zombie boss to beat!
Battle For Next Shot
Play stone scissors cloth, the winner can take the gun and shoot the opponent violently
Let's Hunt Ducks
an android conversion of the game which used to be so popular for nintendo, duck hunt with a lightning gun. This time you blow the ducks away with your finger.

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