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Android puzzle games

hours of android games entertainment with one of the many free android puzzle games which can be downloaded under this android games category

Rope Rescue Free
One of those addicting Android games: Rescue the caged bird by dragging your rope limited in length over a series of gears and attach it to the cage to release your friend. A new brain teasing puzzle game for android! This android game will be an instant classic hit
Tap Diamond Free
can you eliminate the gems in the playfield? Tap diamond is an addictive game for android. The faster you play, the bigger the bonusses and specials will be!
Indie Animals Educational Game
use your android to play this simple animals matching game. A concentration game for android which is not only intended for kids
Bubbles Match
in this android game you must match the bubbles to clear the playfield. Try to clear the levels as fast as possible to score extra points!
Simon DX Free
Play Simon says for android in the classic mode or the extended mode featuring 8 different colors!
Pig Cow in Row
Pig Cow in Row is a variation for android on the famous tic tac toe game
Minesweeper, the classic game in an android version

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