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Android puzzle games

hours of android games entertainment with one of the many free android puzzle games which can be downloaded under this android games category

Brain Exerciser
A brain trainer game for android with numbers and math. Play different math games such as 'add like mad' where you need to reach the number at the top, or play number breaker where you need to destroy all displayed digits. and more. A cool brain trainer and excercise game for android!
Unblock Train
Unblock the green train and drive it into the railway station, a cool puzzle game for android!
Toddler Puzzles
a simple kids puzzle game for android. In this game your kids will learn to know the different animals. Solve the cat, dogs, giraffe or pigs puzzles or one of the many more available puzzles for kids. A cool kids android puzzle game!
Andoku Sudoku
play different sudoku game variations on your android smartphone or tablet with andoku sudoku for android
let your child try to solve this android puzzle featuring his coolest animation heroes, the 'cars' cars…
Simpsons. Jigsaw Puzzle
a jigsaw puzzle on the well known Springfield anti-heroes, the simpsons
Search Words
try to find as many words as possible in this word searcher game. Hit the menu key to check the worldwide rankings board
Super Connect 4
in Super Connect 4 for android you play against 4 different computer AI levels. Try to score 4-in-a-row to beat the opponent

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