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Android Adventure Games

Do you like to play adventure games? Well, this is the ideal category for you, here you will find back all free android adventure games released! The adventure starts here and now!

Dream Sleuth hidden object
try to find the kidnapped girl back in this sherlock holmes style adventure game for android
Princess Castle Creator
make your princess castle a bit more good looking, give it a bit more color and make your prince happy. A cool game for the younger kids
Cute Adventure
This android adventure game is actually also a live wallpaper, start the adventure and discover some of the many artifacts on your android's wallpaper with Cute Adventure for android
ScummVM is actually a virtual machine for SCUMM games (Day of the Tentacle or Monkey Island). This android application is only the SCUMM Virtual Machine engine, games are not supplied!
Twisted Lands Shadow Town Lite
look for hidden objects and try to discover the horrible truth in this mind-bending Twisted lands game for android. search through 80 different locations and 11 hidden object scenes. This freeware android game has both atmospheric audio and bloodcurling visuals!
Panda Run
in this android game you must run through a temple which seems to be endless, with only one target: collect all fragments of the soul stone to collect the complete stone in the final. Jump, roll and take the correct turns to win this precious stone in the Panda Run adventure game for android
Pirate Adventures
in the Pirate Adventures for android you will need to go on a risky adventure to figure out the secret of the mystery box. Your pirate, Jack, found years ago a mystery chest, however he was never able to open it, now its your turn to help him to find out the mystery of the chest… the pirate adventure starts here and now!
in this android adventure game you have to discover this realistic wild west town. Compete with both bandits, cowboys or some of the unnatural enemies. In this free android game you can take it on in over 40 different missions! And don't worry, you can play this western android game to the end for free!

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