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Android racing games

these free android race games will drive your adrenaline to a maximum level, take your helmet, shift gears, the race is on! All controlled through your android smartphone or tablet

3D Stunt Car Race
in this android offroad race game you control a wicked SUV and try to make your way through 9 different races in 6 different leagues. the more races you win in this android game, the more money you receive for upgrades and spareparts!
Parrot AR Drone control
note: this android game / application can only be used by owners of a Parrot AR Drone, a quadricopter which can be controlled by this little piece of freeware android software
Slyon Street Tuner
this android race game is definitely a 5 star racing game, with a gigantic amount of racing cars (20 in current version) to choose from and almost unlimited modification options. drag through the streets and upgrade your car to become the fastest car on track, compare your times online with friends. this android racing game will give you hours of true fun!
Rhythm Racer 2
Rhythm Racer 2 for android is a combination between a music and race game. Just keep the music going, stay in rhythm with the beat and boost your Rhythm racer
Mad Skills Motocross
in this mad skills motocross android game you compete on 52 tracks ranging from simple to extremely difficult. Boost your motorcycle with power-ups and try to beat the ghosts of your own or friends best times.
Final Freeway
This freeware edition of Final Freeway reminds us of the great days of the out-run arcade racing game in one of these old-school arcade halls.
Death Rider
deadth rider is a true race to death android racing game, use your android tilt sensor to control your death rider. Fire some of the wicked weapons to destroy your opponents. RPGs or heath-seekers are just some of the many wicked weapons available in this race game
Racing live
in racing live you will need to work your way up the rankings and try to beat the community of not less than 4.2 million players! Notice that this android racing game can be played in online mode only.

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