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Android platform games

the platform android games category can sometimes contain simple games, but remember, simple games are sometimes the most addictive games!

Angry Birds
New tropical levels and a king sling in one of the best known mobile device games ever, angry birds! The game is free, but if you get stuck, you can buy one of the mighty eagles which will help you to make it without any issues to the next level! Probably one of the most popular android games ever with over 100 million installations!
Ninja Chicken
help your demented chicken who thinks he's a ninja through the 30 different challenging levels (more will be added in the future).
Racing Penguin 2 - Flying Free
boost your penguin through an amazing number of levels, controls for this little android game are simple: press the screen to boost your penguin, release it to make him fly. Try to catch some fish on your way down to even receive an extra boost. This is the Racing Penguin 2 android game
Croco Runner
let your little crockodile run over the platforms in this world and let him consume as much fruit as possible. Yes indeed in this android game you play with a vegetarian crockodile!
Ninja Rush Deluxe
in this free android game, Ninja rush deluxe you are a ninja which needs to use all his ninja skills to get to the other side of this platform. jump over cliffs, use double jump for extra high jumps and use your ninja sword to kill enemies on the road. The ultimate ninja game for android!
Infinite Runner
Avoid the voids in the level in this simple dot matrix style running game for android
StickMan 3
jump and slide your way through the levels in this stickman 3 game for android
Devil Ninja2 (Mission)
fight your way through 15 different levels in 3 different levels of the devil. With a cool powerful end-boss!

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