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Android platform games

the platform android games category can sometimes contain simple games, but remember, simple games are sometimes the most addictive games!

Angry Piggy Deluxe
in this cool adventure platform game for android, a cow, pig and bird team up to beat the evil monster who stole the colors of their nice and peaceful island. This android game is a transformation of the previously released Angry piggy deluxe game for iOS
in the go-go-goat android game you will need to help your goat up to the top. How high can you jump?
Run Ninja Jump DX Free Games
Run through the many Ninja run platform levels while throwing ninja stars to kill your enemies. This is the Ninja Run android game
Temple Runner - Jungle
try to escape the temple and avoid the dangerous traps set up by ancient civilizations. An escape platform game for android in the style of Indiana Jones
Wind-up Knight
Once your knight in this android platform game is winded u, he will be hard to stop! Guide your knight through the many platform side scrolling levels (more than 50 levels) to rescue your princess. Jump, roll, run and slash to make it alive to your princess!
Turbo Kids
try to win a famous prize in the Turbo Kids tournament.
Unstoppable Penguin
in this platform game for android you control an unstoppable penguin in an endless run. Use your powerbar to fly over enemies and use one of the 5 different power items to survive as long as possible!
Ninja Rush HD
in this android ninja game you will run over this platform world, jump over dangerous clifs and kill your enemy samurai opponents. The Ninja Rush HD game for android

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