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Android platform games

the platform android games category can sometimes contain simple games, but remember, simple games are sometimes the most addictive games!

Racing Monkey
Racing Monkey is a funny android racing game where yo need to let your monkey drive his BMX through various environments. A cool platform game for all!
Ninja Runner
avoid other ninjas and do what it takes to survive the level. This is ninja runner for android
Stick Man
Stick Man for android is platform games fun which takes less than 2Mb of your devices memory!
Run Run Run
lead your cat through various missings by letting it jump over obstacles or by using your special bird actions!
Ice Runner
let your squirrel in this ice age adventure run through the many levels, but make sure you don't fall in one of the many pits, or get killed by one of the many dangerous objects on your road. Can you survive your journey? An exiting platform game for android
Run Ninja Jump Free Games
in this android platform game your Ninja will start running, your task is to let him jump safely over obstacles by tapping the screen. Collect as many coins as possible and avoid the dark ninja!
Wizard Rush
in this free wizard rush for android game you are a student on the school pf Witchcraft and Wizardry, but you are chased down by an evil wizard, so your task is to keep running at all time to prevent him from catching up with you…
Jumping Monkey
Make your monkey reach for the sky by jumping higher and higher into the sky on these colorful balloons

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