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Game manuals

find game android game manuals under this category. You will not only be able to download manuals for android games, but also game manuals for PC games or others

Plants vs Zombies Strategies
this is not the plant vs zombies game for android but a strategical guide which will help you to execute the best strategy for your garden to prevent it from being taken over by the zombies. This android application contains also strategy videos!
Bungie Mobile
with Bungie Mobile for android you can connect to your XBOX Live friends, your online stats and the bungies news feed
WoW Droid Armory
a complete World of Warcraft characters database. View their items and stats or just put one of the characters in the WOW database on your homescreen as widget
uScore is a small android cards tool which replaces pen and paper for your card games. With cool score charts and more!
Poker Odds Calculator
a free Poker Odds calculator for android which can help you to make a fast decision when playing just for fun, or when playing for some bg bucks in one of the many online pokerrooms. Notice that this Poker odds calculator for android is especially handy when playing online on an other device (android tablet or computer)
Viva FIFA13
Viva FIFA13 for android is a complete android manual for Fifa 2013
Scrabble Helper
Use this little scrabble cheater / helper tool for android to become the scrabble master. This game is an anagram tool which supports 9 different languages! Enter your set of scrabble letters including blanks and let this tool work out the best possibilities for you….
Wiki Poker Guide
always have a complete poker game rules book in your pocket with this Wiki poker guide for android. Not sure on who is winning the hand? Look it up in your offline android poker guide. With general rules, betting limits, pot odds, poker strategy and more

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