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Android Board Games

use your android to play classic board games ranging from classic chess games to the most exotic board games.

in this Plekos android game, you are playing on a wooden soccer field filled with nails. Flic the bottle cap at the right moment and try to score against your competitors. This game can be played offline with up to 8 players.
Okey Hane
Okey Hane is the Turkish edition of Rumikub
Okey for android, a popular Turkish board game for fans of Rumikub. In Okey you need to form some runs which contains a set of all 14 tiles. The game is played with 106 tiles (2 jokers), and each player owns 14 tiles on his board. an android board game with a high replay factor!
Okey Mini
Okey is a game from the family of Rummy games. Play with friends over bluetooth in this game which is played with a set of 106 tiles
MARVEL War of Heroes
Marvel War Heroes is a card battle game for android featuring the most popular Marvel heroes. Play and fight with the Hulk, iron man, spider-man and tons of other marvel comics heroes. Build an unique deck of super vilains, team up with other players and use power ups to crush your enemies. This War of Heroes android game is a must have for all card action game fans!
MegaYatzy FREE
An Android version of MegaYathzy. Try to collect all required tricks and make it to the highscore leaderboard. This MegaYatzy version has even an extra mode with 4 extra playfields and the possibility to play in teams!
Work Place Chess
this android work place chess game has actually nothing to do with real chess, except: it takes place on a chess like board, in this board game you must let your game character run as fast for the exit as possible. Take an elevator and you can travel to the same spot as your opponent, take an air vent and you can instantly move several floors down. An interesting chess style puzzle board game f

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