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Android Board Games

use your android to play classic board games ranging from classic chess games to the most exotic board games.

The King of Chess
The King of Chess is one of the better android chess games, play against a real player or one of the smart AI bots to increase your chess skills
Mahjong Towers Zodiac
Mahjong Towers Zodiac is one of the most realistic mahjong games for android so far, with a robust tutorial and refined scoring system
lets Draw Something
Convert your android into a sketchpad with Lets Draw Something for android. Use 12 different brushes and millions of colors to instantly create a drawing.
Reversi Free
a free android version of this ancient board game, reversi. This android board game might also be known under the name Othello
Challenge up to 3 friends in this Rummikub based numbers game. Try to get rid of all your Nummi blocks as soon as possible by forming groups of a minimum of three tiles with ascending numbers and identical colors, or tiles with different colors but equal numbers.
in the bravesmart for android game you must collect different resources and build towns, castles and villages in board game style, combine items such as wood and stone to build cottages or a majestic castle.
Chess Free
Chess Free for android is the highest rated Free chess game in the android play store today. With the possibility to play in 10 different levels and the build in Treebeard chess engine which was developed by microsoft. 4 different chess boards and chess piece sets and a 2 player hot-seat mode so you can play a game of chess against your frends
Play a classic game of Dominoes versus 2 or 4 computer players. This domino's game for android features different domino games: All Fives, Muggins, Block game and Draw game

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