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Android action games

charge your android for some fast paced action games in this android action games category. Run, jump, attack, do whatever it needs to bring these android games to a good end!

Gold Miner 2
collect as many gold as possible before running out of time!
Slice Ice
do your penguin king a favour and bring him some freshly sliced ice! just make sure your penguins stay all at the same ice floe at all time and don't slice the little penguin babies! This slice ice game for android will give you hours of fun!
Ghost Wars Pro
in the Ghost wars pro game for android, you will need to save Sunshine village from the deadly claws of Sabrina. Kill all evil ghosts on your way to complete destruction of their forest! Capture enemy tree bases and boost your mana to make it easier to beat those evil ghosts!
Zombie Wars
in zombie wars you control a squad of deadly zombies in your war against other zombie clans. Choose between 3 different hero carreers and take on the zombie battle against friends or an AI player!
samurai vs zombie defense
Your samurai is the last hope of your village. You are under attack by hordes of evil zombie samurais. Use your strategic skills to kill the zombies, and when needed, make use of the helping hand of other warriors, archers or even farmers!
Angry Birds Rio
This time our angry friends are trying to rescue their bird friends in the exotic rio. This android game was released for the release of the popular animation movie RIO
bombshells hells belles
let one of your bombshell chicks take place behind the controls of one of your deadly fighters and shoot your enemies out of the skies. With over 200 different planes in the air, massive amounts of weapons, some ridiculous bosses to compete against, this is one of the best aerial combat games for android so far! The game is completely free to play, however if you want you can pay some real money
Super Dynamite Fishing
Why would you use a stupid fishing rod which can only catch one fish at a time while you can fish with…. Dynamite! Sail through the open level and choose from an arsenal of weapons to catch dozens of fish. Save your earned credits for the most luxurious vessel and the most dangerous weapons, so you can blow the most exotic fish out of the water

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