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Android action games

charge your android for some fast paced action games in this android action games category. Run, jump, attack, do whatever it needs to bring these android games to a good end!

Cat Escape
in this android game you are a hungry cat which is so addicted to food, she even tries to steal food from the most dangerous dog around. Try to let your cat escape dangerous situations in this cat escape android game
Angry Gran Run - Running Game
Angry Gran Run is a funny and original android game, in this game your grandma is locked away in a crazy Asylum, but she was able to break-out, now its your job to let her stay out of the hands of Fred the white agent. Run and jump over different obstacles, or even avoid dangerous dinosaurs.
Pirates Shot2 Lite
Try to defeat the enemy pirates with as little cannon shots as possible in this simple Pirates shot 2 defense game for android
Stick Girl
let your stick girl slide and jump over the ball. How long can you survive these levels?
Caveman 2
an original android game in which you will need to use primitive weapons to kill the dinosaurs and the king of the jungle in order to survive
Heros Fight
Take on your friends in a PVP fight. Play the fight or capture mode and use your best fighting skills to make it to the next levels. With 100 different equipment items in 4 different levels.
Cartoon Wars
in the cartoon wars action game you must use both your defense and strategy skills to prevent you from being overrun by the enemy. A cool action game for android!
Montopia is a popular manga monster management game created by the popular android games company, zynga

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