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Android MMORPG's or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games or even normal RPG (Role Playing Games) can be found back under this Android Games Category

Vampires Game
This android Vampire game is a massive multiplayer game which is played agains an immense group of other bloodthirsty vampires. Fight in 9 different locations through 90 different storymissions, try to win the battle by using over 70 different abilities to choose from, or the most exciting of all: take on the vampire fight with other online clans!
Kingdom Royale
in Kingdom Royale for android you need to manage natural resources, create armies and fortify your territories to become the ruler of the world! In this social warfare game for android you can even team up with friends to set up a trap for other leaders.
Shakes and Fidget
Shakes and Fidget for android is a satire RPG which is played by millions of players worldwide. A great Role Playing Game for android for everybody who wants to have a good laugh with the classic RPG games. with different elements to collect, great graphics and so much more this is one hell of a great Android RPG game
World War - 14 Honor Points
take part in the massive Wold War which has broken out in 2020. Join one of the 5 remaining countries which havent been destroyed yet and try to become the dominant country in the world. Play together with almost 3 million other players worldwide
Kingdoms at War
Kingdoms at War is a Medieval MMORPG for android, one of the most addictive android MMORPGs out there. Train your soldiers and create the most powerful army in this world. Assassinate enemies with your spies or scouts. Or just use one of your many magical spells to erase the enemies. To weak to take on the battle on your own? Join a clan and fight epic battles against other clans in this fan
In this android RPG game you have only one mission: find back your childhood sweetheat Lena in the town which is overrun by the imperial guards. With 39 skill trees to build up, a cool pet which evolves to help you, different classes to play in etc etc this RPG game will give you months of android gaming fun!
Legendary Heroes
Legendary Heroes is an Action RTS (real time strategy) with advanced multiplayer options. Play a team based game by controlling 3 different heroes, have hours of fun in the arcade mode and use some briljant power ups to reach your target!
Warspear Online
Warspear is an online fantasy MMORPG which is also available for other mobile platforms. Work yourself and your team a way through thousands of quests, explore hundreds of dungeons and play massive PVP games in the different warzones. Warspear online is one of the best MMORPG games for android we have played so far….

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