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Android MMORPG's or Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Play Games or even normal RPG (Role Playing Games) can be found back under this Android Games Category

OceanCraft is an 18th century MMORPG for android, the game takes place in a pirate cove where you take part in a pirate alliance where you need to build the most capable pirate ship. Featuring different missions, a specific PvP system and turn based sea combats
Zenonia 4
Zenonia 4 is a Anime style action RPG game for android. In this game you are free to explore the overworld and beat up your enemies in fights which are led by your best fighters such as your Ranger, Druid, Blader or Slayer, equip them with your nastiest weapons and best strategy. Zenonia is a great free android RPG game!
Blood and Honor - Glory War RPG
Join one of the greatest android RPG games of the year, create your own avatar and use it to search through dungeons, complete quests and kill enemy bosses. Use armor and use upgraded weapons to increase your change of completing your quest succesful. Blood and Honor Glory wars is a multiplayer RPG for your android smartphone or tablet
Eternity Warriors 2
Eternity Warriors is a free to play Android RPG game but with billable extras (you can always choose to use free items only). In Eternity Warriors you will travel through an almost unlimited amount of dungeons and use your collected gear to slay over a dozen new demon enemies. You can even play this Android RPG game in CO-OP multiplayer mode!
Dark Summoner
Dark Summoner for Android is a social online game where you play against millions of other online players and try to beat thousands of different monsters created by the Dark Summoners. Complete missions to win extra dark summoner cards which will help you to become a more powerful dark summoner!. Try to collect the A+ rarity monsters for extra power!
Inotia 4
in the Inotia 4 RPG game for android you will choose between 6 different classes such as a priest, warlock or black knight and use one of its 15 specific skills to work your way through this fantasy story. battle in the dry desert or on one of the freezing snowfields in one of the largest game maps ever seen for a mobile android game!
Dark Legends
in this Dark Legends game for android you play as a super fast immortal vampire with the best weapon in the world: super fangs. Destroy all the real evil in the world such as werewolves, warlocks and deamons. This online multiplayer game can be played in Co-Op or PVP. Play this multiplayer game for android for free until the end of days and destroy your enemies with a never seen arsenal of thou
Avatar Fight - MMORPG game
try to become the most feared played in the world in this Avatar Fight MMORPG game which is based on PvP and guild wars gameplay. Collect weapons, enroll contests and raise deadly pets in this cool Avatar Fight MMORPG game for android

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