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Recommended android Games

Android games:Zuma Factory
Zuma Factory
a futuristic android remake of this classic zuma arcade game. Zuma was one of the first arcade games which made us stay op until the early hours. and finally a cool remake was created for android tablets and smartphones!
Android games:CrazyKartOON Free
CrazyKartOON Free
in this android racing game, crazy Kartoon Free, you will be able to not only use your driving skills but also a crazy arsenal of weapons such as rockets to blast your enemies of the road. Crazykartoon is one of the craziest android racing games we have been playing so far…
Android games:Soldiers of Glory WW2 Free
Soldiers of Glory WW2 Free
This android tower defense game takes place during the second world war in europe. Defend your county by using the most famous canons of WWII, the 115mm canon, bazooka, B29 bombers, Zeppelins and more…
Android games:World of Goo Demo
World of Goo Demo
finally world of goo for android was released. Play the first chapter of world of goo for free, in this award winning game which was created by a team of only 2 persons you have to use your world of goo balls to build living piramids and reach for the sky (or the exit). Finally World of Goo was converted to android!
Android games:Road Warrior  Best Racing Game
Road Warrior Best Racing Game
this android racing game is a five star rated game installed by almost 5 million players. play this racing game until the finish or until you die with up to 7 multiplayer opponents. control your car through your android, race, shoot and destroy. with different cars to choose from, different tracks to race on and impressive HD graphics this is one of the most violent and most fun to play racing
Android games:SQUIDS
Squids is a turn-based strategy game in which you need to compose your ultimate team of squid heros in order to beat the evil shrimps and crabs. with funny interactions such as: grab the squid tentacles and throw them off the gaming field, a perfect mixture of strategy and RPG gameplay, use special tactics or use the scenary in your advantage. this android turn-based strategy game is just amazin
Android games:Monster Shooter
Monster Shooter
have hours of shooting fun with your android and this cool Monster shooter game. Your cat has been stolen by evil aliens and its your job to rescue her! use a massive arsenal of guns such as shotguns and explosive bullets, but also futuristic weapons such as a plasma gun. shoot tons of Aliens with this cool gear in Monster Shooter for android. There's a reason this is a 5 star android shooting
Android games:Billabong Surf Trip
Billabong Surf Trip
This billabong surf game for android is the perfect surf simulator and game, experience different waves and try to master the many different tricks in one of the 15 well known real life surf locations from the World Championship Surf Tour
Android games:Bugs War
Bugs War
in this sadistic android game you need to squash as many bugs as possible with an endless arsenal of weapons. Blood, explosions and an endless number of bug types!
Android games:GT Racing  Motor Academy Free+
GT Racing Motor Academy Free+
in this Gran Turismo racing game for android your will choose between 111 licensed cars from 26 different manufacturers before you hit the road. Make some money in your races so you will even be able to buy a more exclusive racing car! Get behind your androids steering wheel and drive different ferraris, porsches or even an audi R8. The coolest and fastest cars are available in this great racin
Android games:Pocket Frogs
Pocket Frogs
in this funny casual android game you can collect and breed over 15 thousand unique and funny frogs! Create a habitat and visit your friends habitats. Or just dive into the pond to hunt for the rarest frogs. A nice to have entertainment game for your android!
Android games:Zombie Runaway UP
Zombie Runaway UP
in this zombie android game, you are the last and fastest zombie left, try to survive by running away from the angry people around you. Watch out for deadly spiked walls, and pick up power-ups which make your zombie invincible. The life of the last zombie on earth is hard, try to survive as ling as possible in this infinite race against humanity! The Zombie Runaway game for android
Android games:Rock The Vegas
Rock The Vegas
become the biggest Vegas tycoon on your android smartphone or tablet with this Rock the vegas game for android. Build up your strip with the coolest casinos and the most decadent restaurants and hotels. Can you extract the last dollars out of the pockets of your visitors? Play vegas tycoon on your android with this simulation game
Android games:NBA  King of the Court
NBA King of the Court
this interactive android multiplayer game uses real world locations to fight out this basketball game. This android game is probably the most downloaded and most popular location based game for android so far! use the camera view to browse for courts which have been set up by your opponents in the neighbourhood. score and defend your own goal! NBA King of the court is an original location base
Android games:Athletics: Summer Sports Free
Athletics: Summer Sports Free
in this android sports game you are a virtual athlete who joins the olympic games competition in 30 events over 5 different competitions. Challenge the computer or even try to beat the topscores of other players around the world. Swimming, cycling or a massive amount of athletic events, this athletic summer sports game for android has it all!
Android games:Hockey Fight Lite
Hockey Fight Lite
in this android sports game, you are a hockey player with an attitude. Just fuck the rules, take off your hockey gloves and test your knuckles on the face of your opponents. As you will understand by now, this android game is not so much about playing hockey….
Android games:Robbery Bob Free
Robbery Bob Free
Play the bad guy in this android game. You are Bob the burglar which is trying to change its way of life. But before you can go back to your normal life, you will need to finish a few extra last jobs…. This is the Robbery bob free for android game
Android games:Balls Rider
Balls Rider
in this android game, balls rider, you must use your fingers to draw a path to the score holes. Use gravity and your drawn path to pick up stars and drop the ball in its hole. The balls rider android game
Android games:Zombie Lane
Zombie Lane
Finally you can play this insane popular zombie game on your android! Clear out all zombies in your neighbourhood and become the saviour of your neighbours. Shoot them, torch them, kill them! Become the fear of all zombies in this action android game
Android games:Sector Strike arcade shooter
Sector Strike arcade shooter
Android arcade games: Sector Strike for android is one of those good old arcade hall space shooters, a futuristic shooter with enemies and bullets flying all over the place. In sector strike you can power up your spacecraft with over 20 different weapons and specials to take on the enemy spaceships. An adrenaline rush game for android!
Android games:Rope Rescue Free
Rope Rescue Free
One of those addicting Android games: Rescue the caged bird by dragging your rope limited in length over a series of gears and attach it to the cage to release your friend. A new brain teasing puzzle game for android! This android game will be an instant classic hit
Android games:ice age village
ice age village
an android simulation game based on the popular Ice Age animation movie. in this android game you help Sid, Manny, Diego and Ellie to build a new city for their friends. enter the frozen world of ice age and you will recognize this game is one of the best android games out there!
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